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    “Go easy,” I told him. “Let me see it.””Mmm, you like that,” she encouraged. “What else can I do to get you to pop?””Oh SHIT!” she yelled, and then a deep, low grunt of “Unnnnnngggggghhhh” as she came. Cassidy’s hips bucked against my tongue, her chest heaving, large breasts bouncing under her shirt, as she came. I kept steady, slippery pressure on her wet clit while she orgasmed, drawing out her moans as her orgasm subsided.”You know, the girls. The strip tease, the touching of the tits, you know…we’ve never gone that far before. Especially Jan.” “Ah, yes…but we played strip poker that once.” “Kinda cool, huh?”

    “Jenna will be fine. She has our numbers if anything is wrong.” Doug gave me a playful push. “Now go get her, hot stuff!”Doug had worked as a personal trainer since just out of college and led by example. His shoulders were broad and his arms and chest were a testament to a lifetime of working out as was his still perfect thirty two waist. Slipping my arm around that waist, I sighed. “So, you really have no idea how to do this?””Oh my God, you have no idea,” I responded with a satisfied sigh, and a smile of my own.”Really?” John asked, flopping down on his stomach to hide his erection.

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